Visit Ayun Village


Ayun is the most fertile village of Chitral , here water is abundant for all purposes vegetables and fruit grow abundantly and the tree and flower life is one of great interest and amazing beauty

Ayun village offers 12 different trails to walk on. You could choose to walk from an hour to three hours through peaceful village activities where you get invited into homes  with a relaxed and friendly exchange of greetings, an experience quite different to the tourist spots and towns in  northern Pakistan. As you walk  along water channels, streams and cultivated fields on a different trail each day , you  are taken back into time. The Chitrali people, who call their land Kho, are not Pathan. Although their language, Khowar, belongs to the Dardic group, it has strong connections with the languages of the Pamir and Wakhan regions to the north, and with Iran. The Chitralies are  peace loving and hospitable people who are fond of their traditional dancing and singing and have a passion for Sitar or their game of polo which was born here and continues to be played in most of its high villages.

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