This was once a fort of the ruling family of Chitral and is now developed into a farm, covering an area of around 50 acres.  It is situated in a scenic setting above the Ayun valley at 1370m, giving you a 360 degree panoramic view, dominated by the majestic Tirich Mir, 7708m, the highest peak of the Hindukush.


On the premises of the Ayun Fort is a 14 bedroom guest-house made for family outings. The place has been given a touch of local architecture with traditional old pillars and wood work. Construction is properly done but added to it is local stonework and a finish of mud coat.  The rooms are comfortable with marble flooring and good quality baths. Encircling this is the farm and an orchard with apricots, peaches, apples, grapes, pears, plums and pomegranates. On one side  of the orchard a sheer cliff drops to the gushing blue Ayun stream full of  fish.  Hanging on the cliff top is the herbal and botanical garden  of Prince Khush Ahmed ul Mulk the owner.  The farm house has its own supply of clear spring water and electricity from a small hydroelectric station on the premises.  Here, besides the regular cuisine on demand,  you are also provided with local home-made traditional food that cannot be served in hotels. The farm is organically run and produces fresh milk, poultry, fruit, herbs and vegetables besides wheat, rice and maize.


With farm life, animals and a scenic and peaceful atmosphere, Ayun Fort Farm gives you an ideal setting for a family outing in the country side, research writing activity, botanical study, painting, photography or just relaxing and meditating. Here away from the tourist route  you can meet village folks in a relaxed atmosphere in the fields or have lovely village walks  in the surroundings .


The lovely Kalash valleys of Bumboret, Rumbur and Birir are a short distance away, about  45 minutes from the farm , while Chitral town is half an hour in the other direction. This makes Ayun an excellent base for day visits to different valleys,  returning to have total privacy and comfort at Ayun Fort Farm.


Right in the background of Ayun Fort Farm & Gardens Tirich Mir stands sentential its majestic bearing visible from all parts of the farm. “As ‘Korangi Jack’ rightly said, Regal. Splendid. Awe-inspiring. Treacherous .Tirichmir is a combination of all. A towering near equal of Mount Everest and K2,it poses a formidable challenge to even the most experienced and gusty mountaineer. One does not look at Tirich Mir one stares. It has that sort of an effect on a first timer “. 

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Ayun Fort Inn – Aerial View

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