What is the state of the water in your hotel?
Our tap water is of good  quality  from the mountain springs of  Dobazh .This is a  source of freshwater spring some 5 kilometres away. It is available 24 hours a day, and unless there is a natural disaster such as floods, a rock fall or landslide  it’s supply will be uninterrupted. All bathrooms also have warm water readily available for our clients.
What kind of food do you serve ?
Ayun Fort inn is the only hotel that serves Chitrali cuisine along with quality Pakistani dishes. Our emphasis is both taste and hygiene and as much organic food as possible. Our own farm produces organic wheat, rice, vegetables, herbs and fruits. Cheese and milk products come from our own dairy. Great care is taken to ensure the best available Pakistani ingredients are used and diligently prepared for all our guests. Food is only served in the dinning room  ( not rooms ) as buffet meals and not from a menu card order.
How clean are the rooms and services ?
More than anything, we here at Ayun Fort Inn take great pride in our hygiene and cleanliness. Our rooms are built and maintained to uphold international standards as many of our clientele are indeed foreign.
Electricity in Pakistan is a great problem; does your hotel face similar issues?
Ayun Fort Inn has its own 50 KV hydroelectric power station which provides electricity 24 hours a day. Unless there is a natural disaster such as a channel breakdown , a rock fall or landslide  electricity supply will be uninterrupted . Backup solar lights are in all rooms and baths.
Do floods leave your hotel isolated or damaged?
Though you hear about floods in mountain areas. Ayun Fort inn, perched on a hill above the valley is safe from floods.
Has safety ever been an issue?
Chitral has thus far been free of the terrorist activities that plague some parts of Pakistan. Not only that but even crimes are scarce (A feature common to close knit communities). Ayun Fort Inn has high boundary walls, as well as cliff faces which afford both majestic views as well as natural boundaries to increase security. Lying above the village and surrounded with our own farmland on all sides we are safe from any intrusions. There is enough activity on our own premises ( such as 2 hrs walk ) to keep you occupied in peaceful serene surroundings without going out.

Do you provide TV or internet
No we do not provide TV on the premises  but encourage guests to spend time with nature.  Likewise there is no internet connection provided  in the rooms but at one corner of the premises internet does connect for basic mail.
Do you have Credit card Facility. What about ATM
We do not provide credit card facility. In the village bazaar there is easy-money connection point and in nearby Chitral town just half an hour away the following banks provide ATM, Habib Bank, United Bank. National Bank. Allied Bank, Alfalah Bank, Islamic Bank, Summit Bank.
Ayun has a 10 bed hospital with a doctor on duty during the day and a dispenser on 24 hrs duty. The nearby  Chitral town has a  civil hospital  and CMH where good qualified doctors are available
Ayun village  bazaar provides for basic daily use items. There is a small bakery , beverages are available in shops.
Spring April, May : In the evenings you will need a pullover as we still get some showers in spring. This is a time where you see a rainbow  of colors in our garden . You wont see as many roses anywhere else in Pakistan.
Summers July/Aug: The lovely breeze at Ayun is special. Even during peak summers  mid july to mid august you can sit out in the garden at 2 pm in the afternoon and enjoy a cool breeze.
Autumn Sept/Oct/Nov: Very pleasant , on an occasional rainy day the temperatures can drop in the evening for a light sleeveless pullover. A riot of glorious Autumn colours hit  Ayun Fort inn by first week of November so don’t miss this season.
Winters Dec/Jan/Feb/March :We are accessible in winters too . This is a lovely time in Ayun. Though temperatures drop , the valley is green with wheat crop coming up while the surrounding peaks are covered white in snow. There might be an occasional snowfall but it doesn’t stay for more than two days. Some of our rooms and dinning area have a fireplace so you can enjoy this season too.

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