Chitrali cuisine

The Chitrali diet is simple, centered around dairy products and wheat. Chitrali bread, either in the form of Khaista Shapik or Chapouti, is baked in thick round loaves and makes a pleasant change from Chapatis or nan. Shetu is a thin, watery yogurt like drink which can be thickened to make Shupinak, a delicious thick, creamy cheese. The Chitrali cuisine is unlike food in the rest of Pakistan. Pushoor Tiki, Shakh Tiki, Ghalmandi, Cheera Shapik, Lazhik, Mishi, Kali , Zholai, Laiganu etc are some of the delicious local dishes. Unfortunately none of the local hotels offer the local cuisine as such dishes need to be cooked on wood fire and is laborious . Ayun Fort Farm and Gardens is the only place that offers such delicacies to its guests.